From Forgotten to Future: Can San Jose become the Metropolis of the future from the forgettable city?

San Jose, California is taking steps to shed its reputation as America’s most forgettable city. It is becoming a model for progressive urban development as it is one of the few cities in the region with the political will to build dense, sustainable housing. San Jose is embracing housing laws to fast-track affordable housing and allow four units on single-family lots, while many other California cities have resisted implementing these laws. The city is also moving towards densification as sprawl is not only bad for the environment, but also expensive. San Jose has a policy environment that is primed for building and is zoned for high-rise buildings, making it easier for developers to get permits and construct housing. The city has dropped minimum parking requirements for new housing developments and is launching a streamlined approval process for infill housing. San Jose is becoming known for its sustainable housing and green initiatives, with 25 buildings planned for downtown that must meet strict energy efficiency requirements. Want to read more?  See this LA Times article that seems to agree.

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