Agrihood: Where Affordable Senior Housing and Urban Farming Unite to Welcome Residents in Santa Clara

The Agrihood project in Santa Clara encourages community engagement through its open farm volunteer program, welcoming anyone interested to join on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the near future, the project plans to launch honor system farmers’ markets, allowing people to pay what they can for fresh produce.

Around the senior and veteran apartments, you’ll find approximately 10 fruit trees and 20 vegetable planters thoughtfully arranged on the podium deck. This deliberate design, overseen by Vince Cantore, the vice president of development for The Core Companies, ensures that agriculture is seamlessly integrated throughout the site. Moreover, all the farm’s produce is generously provided to the residents free of charge.

The vision behind Agrihood extends beyond its current boundaries, as Cantore hopes it will serve as an inspiring model for future projects in the region. Beyond the aspect of affordability, the project is deeply committed to enhancing residents’ health and well-being. Agrihood offers not only affordable housing but also opportunities for residents to access healthy living and nutritious food choices, aligning with a holistic approach to community development.
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