Miguel Rodriguez

I am writing to offer my wholehearted recommendation for Core Builders based on their exemplary performance during a recent rehabilitation project carried out in a fully occupied apartment complex, specifically, Markham Plaza I and Markham Plaza II, located in San Jose, California. Their dedication to the well-being of our residents were truly commendable.

The project involved the extensive renovation and rehabilitation of our apartment, which houses 305 residents. This unique challenge demanded a construction partner who could execute the project efficiently while minimizing disruptions to our tenants’ daily lives. Core Builders rose to the occasion and demonstrated the following qualities:

1. Resident-Centric Approach: Core Builders prioritized the comfort and safety of our residents throughout the entire project. Their team went above and beyond to ensure that the construction work was carried out with minimal disturbance, maintaining a clean and safe environment for our tenants.
2. Effective Communication: Core Builders maintained open and transparent lines of communication with both our management team and residents, addressing concerns and providing updates in a timely manner.
3. Flexibility and Adaptability: Core Builders demonstrated flexibility when faced with unexpected challenges. They adapted to changing circumstances and managed the project effectively, keeping it on schedule and within budget.
4. Safety Measures: They maintained rigorous safety protocols to protect both their workers and our residents. Their commitment to safety was evident in their proactive approach to risk mitigation.
5. Tenant Satisfaction: Our residents at Markham Plaza expressed high levels of satisfaction with the renovation process, which is a testament to Core Builders’ ability to balance construction activities with the needs and comfort of our tenants.

I have confidence in Core Builders’ ability to handle complex rehabilitation projects in occupied living spaces. Their professionalism, commitment to resident satisfaction, and quality of work make them an exceptional choice for similar projects.